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For those that do not know, I am an Amateur Radio Operator, better known as a Ham. Hams have to be tested on electronic knowledge & rules by the FCC in order to be issued a license and a call sign. My amateur radio call sign is K4FP.

I usually operate an ICOM HF radio, pictured below, using a telegraph key to send and receive morse code. Hams refer to this mode of operation as CW.

I occasionally will pick up a microphone. When using voice on the air, we have several modes to employ. On the high frequency bands it is common to use single sideband, referred to as SSB. SSB has pretty much replaced AM (audio modulation) on these frequencies since it uses less bandwith. On the VHF and UHF bands the more common mode is FM (frequency modulation).

I also do digital modes such as RTTY, PSK31, packet, pactor, Amtor, and Winmor.

I have been looking into a new mode called DV (digital voice) using a new public domain Codec. This is similiar to Skype, but uses radio instead of VoIP on the internet.

Hams exchange post cards called QSL cards (to the left is an example) to confirm contacts.